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5 Tips To Increase Your Z Press

The Z Press is an effective assistance exercise for increasing your log press and general overhead strength, which is very important if you want to compete in Strongman.  The lift is effective, as it can’t be completed unless you learn how to effectively brace or “get tight” from the bottom of the lift, or else …

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Robert Oberst & Kalle Beck Train Log Press

Log Strict Press Training – Kalle Beck

Right before my planned Log press training it came up in my Facebook memories that I had hit this weight for 3 reps a year ago so I knew my target and went after it.

3 Tips To Improve Your Log Press

Slight changes could be the difference between getting the rep or not. Watch the video below and be on your way to hitting a new PR

10 Heaviest Log Presses Of All Time

The Log Clean & Press is considered by many to be the truest test of pressing power there is. So who makes the cut for the 10 heaviest log presses ever done in competition?