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Idaho Strongman Gyms

Berserker Strength and Conditioning

Location 9165 W. Chinden Blvd. Garden City ID 83714

Phone Number 208-991-7302

Email [email protected]

List of equipment  Yoke, Kegs up to 300, farmers, Atlas Stones up to 360, Frame Dead Lift, Axle, Circus Dumbbell, Logs, Sand bags, Conans Wheel, 1k plus Tires

GYM DESCRIPTION  Strongman, Body Building, and Power lifting gym. Open 24/7

Type of gym gym with SOME strongman equipment

The Trifecta Gym

Location: 1380 N. Whitley Dr. Fruitland, ID 83619

Phone Number 208-631-6288

Email [email protected]

List of equipment  Yoke, Farmers Carry Handles, Heavy Tires, Atlas Stones up to 315 lbs., Heavy Sandbags, Loadable Circus Dumbbell, Log Bar, Push Sled

GYM DESCRIPTION Small Town Gym designed for Athletes, Strongmen, Powerlifters, and regular folks

Type of gym gym with SOME strongman equipment