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The Workout Diaries: Inside the Fitness Routines of MLB Stars

In the realm of professional baseball, Major League Baseball (MLB) stars stand out not only for their on-field prowess but also for their dedication to maintaining peak physical condition. 

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Through innovative and often rigorous workout routines, these athletes ensure their performance remains at its highest level, adapting to the demands of a sport that requires exceptional strength, agility, and endurance.

Pioneering Strength Training

One might assume that the workout regimens of MLB stars focus solely on enhancing their batting power or pitching velocity. However, the truth extends far beyond these basic components. 

Players like Joey Votto and Daniel Murphy incorporate exercises that build muscle and improve stability and explosiveness, which are crucial for the game’s offensive and defensive aspects. 

Votto includes chair kettlebell presses in his routine to enhance his ability to generate force, which is crucial for hitting long balls and making quick lateral movements on the field. On the other hand, Murphy emphasizes lateral explosiveness through banded lateral hurdle hops, aiming to increase his range and fielding efficiency​.

High-Intensity and Specialty Workouts

MLB stars’ physical regimen often involves more than lifting weights and traditional strength training. For instance, Ichiro Suzuki, known for his longevity in the game, once revealed a custom gym setup transported from Japan, underscoring his personalized fitness approach. 

On the other hand, Luke Voit showcases his extraordinary strength with one-armed bench presses, a testament to the unique and specialized training methods these athletes employ to stay ahead​.

In an even more unconventional display of strength and conditioning, José Berríos and Carlos Santana were observed pushing cars and trucks across parking lots as resistance training tools. 

Speed and Agility

In baseball, an athlete’s speed and agility can often tip the scales in their team’s favor, offering that crucial millisecond advantage that could decide the game. MLB stars rigorously train to sharpen these attributes, engaging in exercises designed to improve quickness, footwork, and the mental sharpness required for split-second decisions on the field. 

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Recovery and Nutrition

Recovery is an often overlooked yet critical component of an athlete’s training regimen. MLB stars follow rigorous recovery protocols, including ice baths, massage therapy, and adequate sleep, to prevent injuries and ensure their bodies can withstand the grueling season. Nutrition plays a crucial role in their fitness routines, with diets carefully crafted to fuel performance and facilitate recovery. 

High-protein meals, complex carbohydrates, and hydration strategies are tailored to each athlete’s individual needs, underscoring the holistic approach to fitness adopted by these professionals.

Customization and Evolution

What stands out in MLB stars’ fitness routines is the degree of customization and evolution. Acknowledging that no two athletes are the same, trainers and sports scientists devise personalized workout plans that address specific areas of improvement, prevent injury, and optimize performance. 

Moreover, these routines are not static; they evolve based on the athlete’s progress, emerging science, and the demands of the baseball season. This dynamic approach ensures that MLB stars remain at their physical best, capable of adapting to the ever-changing landscape of professional baseball.

Beyond Traditional Training

MLB stars’ training regimens are not confined to a gym’s weights and machinery. Mike Trout, for example, incorporates a giant tire filled with weights into his workouts, pushing the boundaries of traditional strength training. 

Giancarlo Stanton adds intensity and teamwork to his routine by pushing a weighted cart up a hill, demonstrating a blend of strength, endurance, and collaborative spirit​.

The Role of Mental Resilience

Physical prowess on the field is matched by an equally robust mental game of it. MLB stars dedicate significant time to developing mental resilience, understanding that the mind is as pivotal to performance as the body. 

Techniques such as visualization, mindfulness meditation, and psychological conditioning are integral to their training regimens. These practices help athletes maintain focus during high-pressure moments, manage stress, and recover from setbacks more effectively. 

In a sport where mental and physical toughness are inseparably linked, nurturing mental toughness is indispensable for those who aim for the stars.


MLB stars’ fitness routines are as diverse as the players themselves. They incorporate traditional strength training, personalized workouts, and innovative exercises that challenge the limits of what is possible. By incorporating a wide array of training techniques, these athletes enhance their performance on the field and set new standards for physical conditioning in professional baseball. 

Through their dedication to fitness, MLB stars continue to inspire both fans and aspiring athletes, underscoring the importance of adaptability, creativity, and hard work in achieving sporting excellence.

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