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Delaware Strongman Gyms

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Gym Name: 301 Strong

Location 4540 Graphics Dr c, White Plains, MD 20695

Phone Number 240.273.8768

Email [email protected]

List of equipment  

Atlas stones from 35-330 Natural stones from 65-290 Kegs from 70-320 Tires up to 660 12″ Log 10″ Log 3 Rogue Axles Solid Steel axle Tire axle Deadlift bar Hercules Hold 2 sets of power stairs with 4 loadable t handles 2 Rogue Adjustable Yokes Full size and mini Mouser block 2 circus dumbbells 4 throwing sandbags Car Deadlift frame Indoor truck pull harness 2 loadable husacrosses 3 power racks Grip station including Blobs and Captains of Crush grippers Safety Squat Bar Westside style bench rack Reverse Hyper Dumbbells from 10-150 Ropes Prowlers Pole push Farmer’s Handles Frame Chains Loadable Kettlebell Jerk Blocks Pull down station Dip station

GYM DESCRIPTION Open Powerlifting Gym Group strongman, Saturdays 8am and Wednesdays 630pm Highland games club Hosts 5-6 competitions per year 20+ strongman competitors in the area

Type of gym gym with SOME strongman equipment

SOCIAL MEDIA https://instagram.com/301strongman


GYM NAME Alpha Evolution Fitness & Training

Location 695 McKinley Ave Newark Ohio 43055

Phone Number 7408143936

Email [email protected]

List of equipment  *Rogue Log Rogue Axle Bar Mouser Block Stones Platforms 18″ Wagon Wheels Farmer Carries Sand Bags Natural Stones Tires up to 500lbs Elite FTS Monolift Texas Squat Bar Rogue Westside Bench w/ Fat Pad Westside 2.0 Power Bar Rogue Ohio Power Bar Westside Bands Chain Packs Deadlift Platform w/band hook ups Texas Deadlift Bar Rogue Hex Bar Chalk Bowl Elite FTS Power Rack Titan Belt Squat Dumbbells 5-120lbs Hammer Stength/Cybex Select Rise Machines 10k+ Pounds of Free Weights

SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS www.facebook.com/alphaevolution.com

Gym Name Club Barbell

Location 1420 Pacific Place Suite D, Ferndale, WA 98248

Phone Number 360-922-3856

Email [email protected]

List of equipment  

10 inch Log Farmer’s Carry Atlas Stones Sand Bags Kegs Axle Viking Press Prowler on turf Tires Most cardio/free weight equipment you would find in a gym.

GYM DESCRIPTION 7100 soft, 24/7, old school style gym with strongman training area.

Gym Name 215 STRONGMAN

Location 4410 Belgrade Philadelphia pa

Phone Number 2152518622

Email [email protected]

List of equipment  Logs, axle, yoke, farmers, kegs, stones, husafel stone, liberty bell husafel and much more

Location 2313 NW Military Hwy #111 San Antonio,Tx 78231

Gym Name Heavy Metal Fitness

Phone Number 210-257-0504

Email [email protected]

List of equipment  Elitefts VIP gym , MbPowercenter strongman equipment, sorinex hurricane, 17 atlas stones , over 20 specialty bars, Westside reverse hyper, 2 sets of farmers carry , 4 logs , husafell stone , Rogue sandbags 100lbs-300lbs and much more !! GYM DESCRIPTION *HEAVY METAL FITNESS is the premier strength training facility in the San Antonio area. We strive to create an optimal training environment for our members and athletes. The selection of training equipment is the most effective available and our team of coaches are held to the highest of standards. However, the camaraderie and family-like atmosphere is what we are most proud of. Every aspect of HMF is dedicated to the success of our members. With affordable enrollment options and personal training packages, we welcome lifters of all levels!