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Kentucky Strongman Gyms

Gym Name Everyday Athletes

Location  2001 Production Dr. Louisville, KY 40299

 Email [email protected]

List of equipment  Conans wheel, logs (12″ and 10″), 2″ and 2.4″ axles, circus dumbells 8″ and 10″ and 12″, atlas stones, kegs, deadlift frame, car deadlift, sandbags up to 300# as well as throwing sandbags 20 up to 50#, sleds, every specialty bar you can think of, deadlift platforms, power racks, dumbbells, every assistance machine you can think of, husafel stones, farmers handles, rolling thunder, duck walk handles, yoke, crash pads, viking press, and wheelbarrows.

GYM DESCRIPTION Competitive Powerlifting, Strongman, and Olympic Lifting gym.

Type of gym Dedicated Strongman gym