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We at Starting Strongman’s goal is to provide resources that pertain to becoming a better Strongman athlete and help you navigate how to get started and advance in this great sport. Check out some of the resources we offer here.

The Strongman Gym Map: use it to find a Strongman gym near you! Or submit your own gym.

Find a Strongman Contest: HERE

Strongman Programs: Programs to get you progressing in Strongman.

How To Videos: How to videos covering various Strongman movements and accessories

The Forum: Keep a training log, ask questions and get answers!

Articles:  We strive to bring you thee best information on Strongman

Youtube:  With over 500 videos in our library check out the various Q&A’s how to’s and playlists answering all your questions.

Digital Resouces: Check out our E-books such as Cube for Strongman 3.0, Shaw Strength & more

Online Coaching: Want some 1 on 1 remote coaching and individualized programming to take you to the next level in Strongman? We have the most qualified group of coaches you will find anywhere.

Products: Do you need the right training gear and equipment for your Strongman training? Check out our store with everything from Stone sleeves, tacky, wrist wraps, straps, knee/elbow sleeves, weightlifting belts, etc.