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Texas Strongman Gyms

Gym Name Heavy Metal Fitness 

Phone Number 210-257-0504

Email [email protected]

List of equipment  Elitefts VIP gym , MbPowercenter strongman equipment, sorinex hurricane, 17 atlas stones , over 20 specialty bars, Westside reverse hyper, 2 sets of farmers carry , 4 logs , husafell stone , Rogue sandbags 100lbs-300lbs and much more !! GYM DESCRIPTION *HEAVY METAL FITNESS is the premier strength training facility in the San Antonio area. We strive to create an optimal training environment for our members and athletes. The selection of training equipment is the most effective available and our team of coaches are held to the highest of standards. However, the camaraderie and family-like atmosphere is what we are most proud of. Every aspect of HMF is dedicated to the success of our members. With affordable enrollment options and personal training packages, we welcome lifters of all levels!’

Mammoth Training Center

Location 410 W Market St Suite D, Rockport, Texas 78382

Phone Number 3614636682

Email [email protected]

List of equipment  Car Deadlift frame 12 in log 8 in log Kegs from 30-275 lbs Stones from 40-250 lbs Two Yokes Two Axles Wagon Wheels Tire bumpers 12 in Circus Dumbbell 10 in Circus Dumbbell Husafel stone (plate loadable) Farmers Frames Farmers handles Duckwalk handles Sandbags from 100-275lbs Tires Sleds Truck pull harness and rope Calibrated kilo plates Standard iron plates Bumper plates Deadlift bars Power bars Reverse Hyper

GYM DESCRIPTION Mammoth Training Center is a warehouse gym located in Rockport Texas. We specialize in Strongman, Powerlifting, Muay Thai and MMA We offer Strongman and Powerlifting classes for beginners , personal training, programming for competitor’s. Open gym available to the public during business hours.

Type of gym Dedicated Strongman gym

Liberation Barbell Club

Location 3900 Drossett Dr Ste A, Austin TX

Phone Number 512-630-2939

Email [email protected]

List of equipment  yoke, kegs, stones, logs, axel bars, silver dollar deadlift, and much more.

GYM DESCRIPTION We’re a South Austin gym for competitive athletes of all levels. We are constantly focused building and adding to our strongman equipment, we also have everything powerlifting or Olympic lifting as well. We have everything you need and a great atmosphere whether you’re brand new and looking to learn strongman or you’re on the professional level.

Top Teer Strength & Conditioning

Location 1280 FM 1863 New Braunfels, TX 78132

Phone Number 7193298110

Email [email protected]

List of equipment  Conan Wheel, 20 Atlas Stones w/ 2 Platforms, Adjustable Keg toss up to 20ft., Loadable Husafell Stone, Yoke,Loadable Farmers Carry, Loadable 10″ & 12″ log, Trap Bar, Loadable Hercules Hold, Assortment of Heavy Tires, Monolift, Rogue Rhino Belt Squat, 3 Full platforms with Rogue Monster Racks, Thousands of Pounds of Iron and Bumper Plates.

GYM DESCRIPTION No B.S. strength based gym with 2,500 sqft. indoors for powerlifting and general strength training. 5000sqft. Dedicated Strongman area. No Contracts. Veteran owned.

 USA Strength

Location 158 Meyers Dr Sherman, TX 75092

Phone Number 817-454-0696

Email [email protected]

List of equipment  Plenty of weight plates 2 squat racks Competition bench press Incline bench press Deadlift platform Dumbbells 5#-130# Glute Ham Raise 45 degree hyper Lat pull/ low row Plate loaded lever arms FID bench Ab mats Med balls Power bar Trap/hex bar Axle bar Football bar Cambered squat bar Buffalo bar SSB Bands and chains Weight releasers Landmine base Tires (150/300/400/mammoth?) Sandbags(25-300 in 25# jumps) Kegs (75-250 in 25#jumps) Farmers handles Yoke Truck pull simulator (exergenie) Jump rope Foam rollers Dip belts Fat grips Kettle bells (ironmaster 22-80) only 1 Deadlift blocks Atlas stones (45-300 space between 6 or 7 stones) Plyo box’s Air-Dyne Prowler Pull sleds Sledge hammer Logs (12″ and 10″) Tractor Tire Deadlift handles Wagon wheels Crash pads Mammoth deadlift bar Hercules hold

GYM DESCRIPTION USA Strength is a small gym ran out of two garage’s at the moment but it has been a great experience and we love the close, family like, dynamic it creates for our members and athletes. Our strongman Saturday that’s totally free had been a hit and is growing. We focus our coaching and gear our target market to strongman first, powerlifting second, tactical athletes, then strength based fitness.