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Log Strict Press Training – Kalle Beck

Right before my planned Log press training it came up in my Facebook memories that I had hit this weight for 3 reps a year ago so I knew my target and went after it.

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I am also testing out some new products from Cerberus. Their new line of improved neoprene sleeves which come in power and extreme varieties. I used the extremes on my elbows which feel much thicker and offer more pop and the power line on my knees. The extremes felt very supportive but a little constructive. I will be doing further testing on all and a full review to come.

Cerberus 7mm Extreme Elbow Sleeves

Full training


Warm up



Log Strict Press








Standing strict Dumbbell presses

30s 3×20


rear delt flies


15s 3×20



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