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How to Stay Motivated and Get Back in the Gym After Taking a Break

Consistency is one of the biggest challenges of any fitness or strength/muscle-building program. It doesn’t matter how dedicated you are and how much you’re enjoying it, there will come a time when it feels like too much. Illness, work demands, family life, a change in personal circumstances—they can all wreak havoc on your performance in the gym.

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So, how do you get back on the horse and maintain the motivation needed to keep you there? Here’s how.

Make Your Workout Fun or Productive

It’s easier to work out if you enjoy it, and if you’re struggling with motivation, the simple act of exercising probably won’t appeal to you.

So, add something else to the mix, whether that means listening to music, watching a film/TV show, or even finding the time to play a few games between sets. You can download a simple puzzle game, a simulation game, or spin some slots at the choice for the best social casinos in the industry. As long as it’s not too much of a distraction and ensures you don’t dread stepping into the gym, you’re fine.

If the reason you’re not working out is because you have too much going on, try to incorporate that into your workout. Learning a language? Instead of burying your head in textbooks later in the week, listen to a language app/audio track while you work out. Need to learn something for work? Now’s a good time to watch a tutorial.

Start Slowly

The biggest obstacle for people who lack motivation is often the insistence that they need to do everything at once. Rather than starting small with simple workouts and eating plans, they create a huge list of requirements that demand too much of their time and body. By day two, they’re struggling with crippling DOMS and that “plant-based protein only” diet goes out the window as soon as they see the leftover bacon in the fridge.

Take it easy and adapt to your new lifestyle one step and one change at a time.

Buy Some New Gear

Oftentimes, equipping yourself with new gear and workout gadgets can give you the motivation to get started. It also adds some accountability, as now you’re not just wasting your time by delaying things; you’re also wasting all of that money you spent on workout clothes, gadgets, and equipment.

Get Yourself a Gym Buddy

A gym buddy will give you even more accountability. They can encourage you to go to the gym and motivate you while you’re there. Ask a friend if they’d be interested in starting to go to the gym, and if you can’t find anyone, check out local groups and communities and see if anyone is looking for a regular spotter.

Treat Yourself

You don’t have to live a life of abstinence just because you’re starting a new health and fitness regime. If you’re planning to start a regime that deprives you of the things you like, you’ll end up delaying it, and you’ll be in exactly the same position months down the line.

So, save a treat for after your workout and make sure you only eat or do that thing once you’ve done your workout. It can be a snack or a drink. It can also be an hour or two playing video games or watching your favourite TV show.

Create a Checklist

Write down everything that you want to do, including the days you want to work out and the exercises you’ll do. Every time you complete that task, mark it off your list. It will give you some structure, and you’ll also have a dopamine rush from checking off the finished tasks.

You can even find apps like Streaks that will do the work for you, helping you to create good habits and break bad ones. You should also use something like MyFitnessPal or Cronometer to keep your diet in check.

Don’t Force Yourself to Go at Specific Times

It’s good to have a routine, but that routine should be based on your schedule. Don’t force yourself to hit the gym in the morning if you’re not much of a morning person. You can work out at any time, and as long as you’re getting your 3 or 4 sessions in every week, it doesn’t matter when that time is.

By the same token, don’t stress if you miss a day. It doesn’t mean that you’ve ruined your plans and need to start over. A missed session isn’t going to hurt you. Just find time to get back in the gym and keep that momentum going.

Summary: Getting Back in the Gym

There will come a time when motivation dips and those gym visits become less and less frequent. You may even take a break for several years, at which point you’re a little out of shape and getting fit again is tough. But as long as you create a plan, stick to it, and set your sights on building momentum with a slow and steady start, you’ll be fine and will be strong, fit, healthy, and on target to meet your goals before you know it!

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