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JF Caron Discusses His ASC 2022 Injury & His Future In Strongman

Matt Rhodes talks with JF Caron about his injury at the Arnold classic, his amazing career and future in Strongman. Subscribe to Matt Rhodes on Youtube & follow him on Instagram

Mateusz Kieliszkowski Reviews The ASC 2022 & Discusses His Future

Matt Rhodes sat down for a very candid interview with Mateusz Kielszkowski after the Arnold Classic. This is a must watch Subscribe to Matt Rhodes on Youtube & follow him on Instagram

Massenomics Podcast Episode 251 Kalle Beck

“Kalle Beck joins us to discuss all things strongman. We talk about the early days of Starting Strongman, and where he sees his business going in the future. We also quiz him on Eddie Hall Vs. Thor, manual transmissions, and kale (the vegetable).” Additional Resources: Fitness Industry Statistics and Growth – latest information on our …

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America’s Strongest Viking Preview Podcast

Kalle Beck calls up Paul Mouser to discuss the Mouser block, block pressing, and his event this weekend America’s Strongest Viking which includes Arnold amateur invites and attempts at the block press world record(s).

Bill Kazmaier – Remembering Terry Todd

Kalle Beck caught up with Bill Kazmaier in Paso Robles, CA at the California Mid State fair and we discussed the impact Terry Todd has had on the world of strength.

Strong Talk Podcast 118: Michael Gill

Kalle Beck chats with Pro Strongman Michael Gill about the 2018 Strongman season, growing the sport and being a part of the Strongman media.

Strong Talk Podcast 115: Brittany Diamond

Brittany Diamond is a professional Strongwoman who took third place in the middleweight class at Worlds Strongest Woman U82kg. Brittany talks about her start in the sport, progressing, coming back from injuries her coaching and more.

Strong Talk Podcast 114: Stan Efferding

Stan Efferding is a pro bodybuilder that set world records in the 275lb class in powerlifting. Stan talks about working with top Strongman athletes such as Hafthor Bjornsson and Brian Shaw. We discuss what that work consists of and the vertical diet and a lot more. This episode is packed full of information so bring …

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Strong Talk Podcast 110: Chris Vachio

Kalle Beck talks to reoccurring guest Chris Vachio (previously on episodes 63 and 80) on the current going ons in Strongman, investing in yourself, The Arnold, Disabled Strongman contests and what we hate! Follow Chris on Facebook and @Vachio Follow @StartingStrongman & @chronosstrength How To Train Strongman In A Regular Gym     Support this podcast by hitting …

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Strong Talk Podcast 109 Britain’s Strongest Man Recap

Kalle Beck & Michael Battaglino talk about what happened at Britain’s Strongest Man. Our picks for the Arnold Classic, Worlds Strongest Man events and more!