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Cyber Monday Deals: Online Coaching Programs and MORE ONCE A YEAR DEALS

I only mark down my coaching services once a year. I feel it is a premium product and very time intensive. I put a lot of time into my programs and they are updated based on the athletes feedback, these are not training templates (I sell those too but they are a lot cheaper) with that said I decided to run a special on 1 on 1 coaching for Cyber Monday.   Marking down my prices is big for me so it will require a big commitment from you.   The deal is 1 year of 1 on 1 coaching and programs for $1,000      That is about 45% off and would normally run $1,800 I am giving this deal because I do coaching to help people reach their goals. If you give me a year I know you are serious and I can help.   You can read the reviews from the athletes I have worked with here   If you want to sign up go to   https://store.startingstrongman.com/product/online-coaching/       and select Kalle Beck and for the package put 1 year.  

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If 1 year it too big of a commitment for you. You can buy a 12 week custom program to prep for your next contest for $200 that is $50 off HERE

Or a year of training templates for just $100 or 1 month FREE

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For coaching I send out weekly programming. Generally 4 days a week and adjust the following week off your input from the previous week so I can truly customize the program for you. I try to be as hands on as possible with remote coaching in that aspect and use the best tools available such as apps on your phone to make online coaching as interactive as possible

Included with coaching is access to a private Facebook group for all your questions and video critique along with unlimited communication via email to discuss form, technique, and to help you with motivation as well.

I do not write diet plans but can answer questions and help with general guidance. If you want a full on diet plan I suggest Renaissance periodization diet templates which I use myself and have with many clients with great success. Clients. I can also get you $30 off the diet templates and can help you with any questions you have with the diet templates


“Kalle’s effective programs have significantly increased my overall strength and helped me get ready for multiple strongman competitions, like my first USS nationals this year. I appreciated Kalle’s flexibility and knowledge when it came to training between commercial and strongman gyms and gladly welcomed trying other strength sports to become a better athlete. Kalle is always quick to respond to any questions I may have and feedback on videos are always helpful. I highly recommend Kalle Beck’s 1 on 1 online coaching/programming!” anitra.sopronyi

Vinny Maglione (verified owner)November 22, 2018

Like most I started off with the training templates offered by ss, those were very helpful and a great place to start for sure. Eventually I was ready to invest a little more into my training and go for the 1on1 coaching with Kalle. I only had the opportunity to prep for two comps over a 6 month period but I saw my strength improve greatly over that short time. Being able to have a custom program and weekly feedback on your lifts takes alot of the stress/thinking out of training. Kalle is always quick to answer any and all questions and gives weekly feedback on videos you upload. I highly recommend 1on1 coaching if you feel like you need help out are ready to take things to the next level. Rated 5out of 5

Jonathan Norris-Green (verified owner)October 29, 2018

Kallle did an amazing job programming and coaching me for the strongman corporation national championship. The programming was great and allowed me to train at a high level, get stronger and not get beat up or injured. He responded to messages quickly and made himself available all weekend during nationals since he was unable to travel with the new baby. Kalle even talked me of the ledge when I have a mini melt down over the stress of getting ready for nationals in addition to other life stressors at the same time. He helped guide me through my weight cut and refeeding so that I could perform at my peak. As long as I am competing he will be my coach.

Garrett Duckworth (verified owner)October 29, 2018

I worked with Kalle for about 8 months. I had no previous history of strong man (I switched from powerlifting) and was hesitant to get into the sport. Kalle made it incredibly fun and easy for me to become immersed in the sport. I placed first at my meet and it’s all thanks to him. I would highly recommend it to anyone, no matter your level of experience.

Jason W. (verified owner)September 18, 2018

If you have ever been hesitant about doing online coaching, with this group don’t be. I worked with Kalle Beck and have never been disappointed with how responsive he was. I would recommend him to anyone looking for coaching that doesn’t have access except online. All workout reviews are timely and helpful Rated 5out of 5

Zach Wynkoop (verified owner)August 27, 2018

I started doing one on one coaching with Kalle about five weeks ago. I can’t say enough good things. I competed this past weekend and I have no doubts that Kalle’s programming is what helped prepare me. The workouts were stand alone great, but it was the attentiveness and accessibility that makes this truly worthwhile. Strongman can be intimidating at times and it was great to be able reach out and ask questions id otherwise Keep to my self. I would highly recommend looking to coaching from Kalle

Emiel (verified owner)April 3, 2018

Kalle has a great mentality towards training and coaching. With him you work towards the long run using simple and effective programming. I believe that the two most important things to get strong are longevity and continuous progress and his programming embodies these two factors.

Jessica FithenJuly 11, 2017

I contacted Kalle to help me program for two very important upcoming contests, one of which required a deadlift for reps (which at the time was about 70lbs over my max.) After working with him, I not only exceeded my goals but won both my contests, including USS Nationals! Programming is always changing based on your needs and 100% customized for each individual. Highly recommend (the private Facebook group forum for video review has also been extremely helpful! ).

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