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Titan Fitness Multi Grip Log Bar Review

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I previously purchased the Titan Multi Grip Bar and the 12” Log bar; and the new Titan Multi Grip Log Bar is basically right in between those, a multi grip bar with a small center of a log. This makes it lighter at 60lbs empty, compared to the 12” log which is reported 90lbs (mine weighs 100lbs), and the 10” log which weighs in at 75lbs.  It is also more affordable at a current price of $129.95 vs $159.95 for the 10” log and $205.66 for the 12” log. (these are all sale prices)

I was excited to test out the Titan Multi Grip Log Bar as it seems to be a good tool to work on log press movements, such as strict log out of the rack, without pulling out my more cumbersome and heavy 12” log. 

First impressions: 

I was very pleasantly surprised by the thickness of the steel and quality when first examining the Multi Grip Log Bar. I have been buying Titan products since they first launched and they seem to keep improving as far as welds, fit, finish, and durability with every purchase I make. This is by far the best appearing item I have received from Titan.  The end caps are welded steel not rubber caps. There is a sleek red Titan badge affixed to the log, instead of the cut-out Titan logo like on my multi grip bar and 12” log which when left outside has filled with water or sand. This thing is super thick and seems to be very durable. 

Using the log:

The first thing I did was try to rack the Multi grip log bar in my Yoke. I was shocked that it was not rackable. In fairness, I just assumed it was rackable, the regular Log Bars are not really rackable either but you can press out of the rack using spotter arms with them. This section of the Multi Grip Log Bar is flat, so that makes pressing off of spotter arms very awkward and I would not recommend it.  This was very disappointing as this is what I thought would be the biggest benefit of this piece of equipment.  

Next I did clean and presses. I am 5’7 and 200lbs and my training partner is 6’6 and 350lbs so it gives two ends of the spectrum on what is comfortable.  The inside handles are 19” apart and the outside handles are 31” apart. Standard log handle spacing is 24” with some using 26” but 19” felt very narrow for me, and almost impossible for my larger training partner. I kind of liked the 31” handles for some light wide grip pressing, but it caused my training partner shoulder discomfort. The center round “log” piece is 15” across and 10” in diameter, it felt just a little too narrow to really simulate a log for me. 

I really enjoyed using this log for accessories such as log curls and log rows, which are great movements to build your log press. In the end, this is a well built piece of equipment that with a slight redesign would be perfect.  If it had 24” hand spacing and was made rackable, I couldn’t recommend it enough! As is, I think it would be good for some smaller athletes and for accessories. 


  • Thick steel
  • Quality construction
  • Very affordable 


  • Not rackable 
  • Handle spacing is either too narrow or too wide
  • Log part should be 5” wider 
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