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Pro Strongwoman Arnold Events & Athletes

FridayRogue Dumbbell Clean and Press for reps-
Athlete will pick up DB from ground and clean and press for repetitions. Each Rep must be cleaned from ground. Athlete may use two hands to clean the db but must proceed with the press with the opposite hand clear from the db using only one hand to complete the press. The athlete must wait for the down signal from the head judge. 10″ dumbbell at 140#On Rogue Strength Stage
60 seconds time limit

Tire flip/or flipperAthlete will have 60 sew ones to flip a 500# tire or flipper back and forth for as many flips possible500#Rogue Strength Stage
60 seconds time limit

Rogue Yoke Walk/ Rogue Farmers MedleyAthlete Will pick and carry yoke 50′ Then pick and carry farmers walk for 50′. Both implements must cross the line (Front); Unlimited Drops allowed525#/230#Strpngman Arena (Hall C)
60 seconds time limit
Truck Tire DeadliftAthlete must pick up bar with full lock out, conventional style only. Athlete must wait for the up and down call for a successful lift. 

525#Rogue Strength Stage
60 seconds time limit
5.Atlas Stone over bar 52″

Athlete will do last woman standing style. Athlete in 10th place will load stone over bar to athlete in 9th place Based on overall results), athlete will continue back and forth until failure. Once athlete fails, next athlete jumps in (8th Place), etc. Athlete with the most stones loaded over bar wins event. Athlete will have 30 seconds to load stone over bar. No tacky allowed.240#

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