Official Strongman and Train Strongman have already previously announced the three events in the online qualifiers but if you make it past that stage what 6 events will decide who are the Strongest Men and Women in world?

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With a max event on day 1 of a major contest with heavy events, classic moving events, medleys and even a truck pull and a proper stone series this is shaping up to be an epic contest. We hear the event weights will be posted in the next 1-2 weeks.

Quote from the Facebook events page

The Official Strongman Games

The top 30 athletes will be battling it out for their invite to a Giants Live competition. The official qualifying tour for World’s Strongest Man!

This year, 10 athletes will be chosen by direct invite with another 20 coming from a worldwide online qualifier! The best in the world will be allowed to take part in this rare opportunity to qualify and get an invite to a Giants Live competition!


Events – Day 1

• Max Log Clean & Press – Last Man Standing
• Yoke Carry
• Car Deadlift for Reps
• Carry Medley (Frame Carry + Hussafel + Sandbag Carry)

Events – Day 2 (only top 10 athletes)

• Semi-Truck Pull
• Atlas Stone Series


This will be taking place as part of a huge strongman weekend with 7 different World’s Strongest titles and 1 coveted Giant’s Live Invite.

Take a look at the other divisions for the:
Official Strongman Games – Finals

More Information

Online qualifier event 1, event 2, event 3

Lynn Morehouse on The Strong Talk Podcast

Facebook event pages

• Masters

• U105kg / U90kg / U80kg

• World’s Strongest Woman + U82kg / U64kg

• Giants Live Qualifier