Yesterday we learned the rules for event one “total tonnage” and now the second of three events for the Official Strongman Games have been released. Log for a 3rm clean once.

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From Train Strongman

Event #2 for the global online qualifier for the Official Strongman Games is Log Press!

• 8″ – 12″ log diameters allowed
• Clean once, press/jerk/whatever overhead 3 times.

Obviously, same rules apply as far as within 6 months. And show date and zoom in on weights and explain the math and how much the log is empty.

*As noted earlier, if you are found to have fudged your #’s in any way intentionally, you will be disqualified from the Official Strongman Games.

The official sign up does not seem to be released yet but check back here for more information along with &

Happy Pressing!

Featured Image Rob Kearney Log Lift World Championships