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Official Strongman Games Online Qualifier Event 3: Farmers Walk

It is not just static lifts that will test who qualifies for Worlds Strongest Man but an old time test of strength grip as well.

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Train Strongman will be hosting the contest in December and announced the final event on their Facebook quoted below

The final event for the online qualifier for the Official Strongman Games is Farmers Walk!

Once again this event was meant to be as inclusive as possible for different equipment so you will notice some flexibility that I am sure some of you will take advantage of.

• 50′ down, break a line, turn, 50′ back.
• No straps or grip aids
• Max handle height 18″ (show measurement if you are close to that height)
• Weigh the handles in video. (both handles must match)
• Heaviest weight wins… not time! (time may be factored in to break ties. Not certain at this time)
• No drops.

We will be going live with the online qualifier in the next week or 2 so please stay tuned for more updates!

Here is an infographic from Train Strongman explaining the classes you can qualify for

The test of doing a turn in farmers walks is not as common today so this event will be very interested to see how athletes progress training specifically for this event.

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