After the news hit yesterday of “Worlds Strongest Man for every weight class” with online qualifiers all the talk has been. “What are the events and how do I qualify?” This morning the first event has been officially released and it begs the question how much total tonnage can you lift in 30 seconds?

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As Colin explains in the rules its based on weight x reps in 30 seconds so by playing around with a calculator more reps will be more beneficial than more weight generally. For example 200kgx15 reps would be the same score as 300kgx10 reps both would get scores of 3,000kg

The other two events are said to be Log clean once and then press away for 3 reps and farmers walk for max weight with a turn.  Check for more information
Featured Image: Athlete Ken Nowiciki Photo @MeatHeadMovieMaker