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Tips and Tricks To Help Your Frame Deadlift

By Kalle Beck With Nationals fast approaching here are some tips we hope you find helpful on maximizing leverages and your own strength for the frame deadlift.

Strong Talk Podcast 90: Caitlin Yuhas

This weeks guest Caitlin Yuhas is a Pro Strongwoman in the Lightweight and Middleweight category. Caitlin won the Lightweight Arnold Amateur World Championships and United States Strongwoman Nationals in the Middleweight category.

The Fondry Deadlift: Increase Your Pull With Paused Eccentrics

By Aaron Fondry Since I posted a video of my paused eccentric deadlifts about a year ago, (which have now been so awesomely named the “Fondry Deadlift” by Drew Spriggs himself) I receive a ton of questions about how to program them into an already existing deadlift program and also, just how to properly do …

The Fondry Deadlift: Increase Your Pull With Paused Eccentrics Read More »

Arby’s Strongman themed ad

Strongman is becoming more recognized in mainstream culture with Strongman implements recently used in The Crossfit Games. A yoke carry in the movie Baywatch, and now Arby’s showing the strength of their sauce packets in a short video posted on social media today.

Laurence Shahlaei Wins UK’s Strongest Man 2017

On Saturday August 5th Laurence Shahlaei took the win at Ultimate Strongman’s UK’s Strongest Man winning 7 out of 9 events including carrying a 450kg/990lbs yoke walk on grass in 12 seconds.

Robert Oberst Attempts Crossfit Games Workout Strongman’s Fear

With the announcement of the very Strongman-centric event at the 2017 Crossfit Games “Strongman’s Fear” the talk throughout the Strongman world has been how would a Pro Strongman fair in this workout? Can anyone at Worlds Strongest Man do a Handstand walk? Robert Oberst decided to give it a try and has some tips for …

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Crossfit Games Announces Event 7 “Strongman’s Fear”

The Prevalence of of Strongman implements at The Crossfit Games has been on the rise for the past few years but the announcement of the 7th individual workout for 2017 “Strongman’s Fear” is by far the most classic Strongman style event yet.

Strong Talk Podcast 89: Christina Bangma

This weeks guest Christina Bangma is a top ranked Lightweight Strongwoman competitor who has won United States Strongman Worlds, Competed in the Arnold Classic and is fresh off her win at USS nationals. Christina also runs Champs Academy gym in Huntington, Indiana. Listen to the podcast below, On Apple Podcast, Stitcher & your favorite podcast …

Strong Talk Podcast 89: Christina Bangma Read More »

Giants Live is Back in America This Weekend

This Saturday on July 29th Giants Live the World’s Strongest Man qualifying tour is back on Main Street in Martsinville, Indiana. Watch some of the strongest men from 4+ countries compete in 5 events with the top 3 qualifying for the 2018 Worlds Strongest Man.

Strong Talk Podcast 88: Steve Barkley United States Strongman Nationals

This weeks guest is Steve Barkley who hosted United States Strongman 2017. Kalle & Steve talk about how it come about, everything that goes into hosting such a large event behind the scenes and more.

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