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With the Holidays fast approaching shopping for your favorite Strongman or Strongwoman can be a little confusing so we put together this guide to help you shop for that strong person from stocking stuffers under $25 to more expensive items that will make their day.

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Tacky Towels

For under $10 a couple tacky towels is a great stocking stuffer and useful on events such as tire flips, stone of steel, etc



Nothing says Christmas like opening up a fresh jar tacky and getting that nice Pine smell


Deadlift Socks

Our deadlift socks are stylish and will keep your shins safe while deadlifting. They are on sale for $10 shipped while supplies last

Figure 8 Straps 



Atlas Gloves

Useful for events such as keg carries, arm over arm, etc and just $5 shipped on Amazon


Under $50

Dual Ply Knee & Elbow sleeves

The support you need for heavy lifts at just $45


A great tool for Strongmen to increase their pressing power


Grip Shirt

Don’t let your the implement slipping on your shirt prevent you from your next PR

Viking Press Handle

Turn any barbell into a viking press with this handle from Titan

SBD Wrist Wraps

Keep your log press stable overhead with these SBD Wrist Wraps for 42.50


Under $100

SBD Knee Sleeves 

The best rated neoprene knee sleeves on the market


Farmers Walks

Just 89 shipped from Titan Fitness these are a great addition to any training program

Cerberus Heavy Duty Sandbags

Swing Set Straps

No yoke? no problem with these swing set straps

Rehband Back Support 

Rehband Thermal Shorts


Over $100

Titan Adjustable Bench


Titan Husafell Stone

Titan Yoke

Adidas Men’s Adipower Weightlifting Shoes

Online Coaching 


I hope this guide is helpful. For even more ideas visit our Shop and Amazon Store