With the Holidays fast approaching shopping for your favorite Strongman or Strongwoman can be a little confusing so we put together this guide to help you shop for that strong person from stocking stuffers under $25 to more expensive items that will make their day.

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Tacky Towels

For under $10 a couple tacky towels is a great stocking stuffer and useful on events such as tire flips, stone of steel, etc


Nothing says Christmas like opening up a fresh jar tacky and getting that nice Pine smell

Cerberus Atlas Tacky Grade 4 Professional Blend

Figure 8 Straps 

CERBERUS Figure 8 Lifting Straps

Atlas Gloves

Useful for events such as keg carries, arm over arm, etc and just $5 shipped on Amazon

Under $50

Dual Ply Knee & Elbow sleeves

The support you need for heavy lifts at just $45



A great tool for Strongmen to increase their pressing power

SBD Wrist Wraps

Keep your log press stable overhead with these SBD Wrist Wraps for 42.50

Under $100

SBD Knee Sleeves 

The best rated neoprene knee sleeves on the market

Farmers Walks

Just 89 shipped from Titan Fitness these are a great addition to any training program

Cerberus Heavy Duty Sandbags


Swing Set Straps

No yoke? no problem with these swing set straps


Rehband Back Support 

Rehband Thermal Shorts

Over $100

Titan Adjustable Bench

Titan Husafell Stone

Titan Yoke

Adidas Men’s Adipower Weightlifting Shoes

Online Coaching 

I hope this guide is helpful. For even more ideas visit our Shop and Amazon Store