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2018 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships Events Released

With Strongman Corporation Nationals completed the top 20% in each weight class qualified for the Arnold Amateur World Championships. The big question has been, what are the events?  Now we have an answer.

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Events for the Arnold Amateur Sports Festival


Fatback farmer’s Walk
Bartos Dumbbell Clean and Press for reps
Hi-Temp Husafell Stone for time (120’) Stone will be picked from ground
Stone of Steel over bar

Finals on Sunday
Stone of Steele Five Stone Load
Mystery Event

Th Fatback Farmer’s Walk is basically a few deadlifts with farmers walk followed by a walk, etc exact details on how many reps and how far hopefully will be posted soon.

Dumbbell Clean & Press is the sole overhead event this year where generally the Arnold Amateur has two (possibly could with the mystery event) but good stone loaders will love this event as there are three stone events between Husafell stone carried 120′ for time, a Stone of Steel over bar for reps and a five Stone of Steel load medley. What do you think the Mystery Event will be?

Source: Strongman Corporation Facebook page

Follow the Event page for further information.

Featured Image: @Alisha.Ciolek

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