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Eddie Hall Wins Worlds Strongest Man 2017

Eddie Hall calls his shots and delivers, an athlete with ultimate belief in himself he came back from a 5th place finish in the opening event to win the title of Worlds Strongest Man.

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One of the closest Worlds Strongest Man contests in recent history Eddie Hall took first with 51 points above Hafthor Bjornsson with 50 points and reigning champion Brian Shaw took third with 49 points (unofficial).

Whats does it take to win Worlds Strongest Man? Hall had to flip a 1,080lb tire for time, Viking Press 352lbs for 15 reps, Squat 700lbs for 15 reps, Pull a plane, deadlift 1,042lbs and load 5 atlas stones for a reported 45,000 first place purse.


Eddie Hall has said in the past that once he wins Worlds Strongest Man he will retire from competing at that level and confirmed it with his post on Instagram.


I can’t say how I’ve done at wsm but I can say I’m now retired from wsm! I’ll still be on the British scene for many years to come and I thank all my fans and sponsors and my family and friends to the moon and back. Massive thanks to my wife who I dearly love and ow a lot of my success to her. Also my manager Mo Chaudry not only changed my life for the better but one of my best friends. Big Love The Beast @proteindynamix @xploape @strengthasylum @alphadesignsuk @bobosbeard @blakemans @wrightspies @pulseworldwide @getnewage @sbdapparel @giantslive #alphadesign #wrightspies #strengthasylum #giants #giantslive #proteindynamix #bobosbeardoil #beast #beard #deadlift #deadlifts #boss #bosslife #hulk #strong #strongman #strongmantraining #pulse #getnewage #performance #mouthguard #SBD #supports #SBDapparel

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Does this mean Eddie Hall has retired? No it he says will compete on the British scene for many years but if he ever plans to return to Worlds Strongest Man? We will just have to wait and see.

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