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Train Strongman To Host Official Strongman Games

Train Strongman headed by Lynn Morehouse announced on Facebook today that they will be hosting the “Official Strongman Games” which includes Worlds Strongest Man/Woman competitions for 7 different classes a long with an open mens Giants Live qualifier the qualifying series for Worlds Strongest Man.

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Whats this mean? It means this will be the first year there has been an official Wolds Strongest Man and Worlds Strongest Woman title for every weight class and they will all happen on the same weekend in North Carolina at the Dorton Arena.  A huge step forward for the sport.

If you haven’t listened to our past Podcast with Lynn Morehouse give it a listen below and you will know this contest is in good hands with the Train Strongman team.



From The Train Strongman Facebook Post

Wanted to let you all in on some exciting news!

Train Strongman has been asked to co-promote a huge contest in December. (15-17, 2017) We are going to slowly announce the details as we have things solidified but here is what I can share now.

Official Strongman Games – World Finals will include:
• World’s Strongest Man – Masters
• World’s Strongest Man – 105k / 231lbs
• World’s Strongest Man – 90k / 198lbs
• World’s Strongest Man – 80k / 176lbs
• World’s Strongest Woman
• World’s Strongest Woman – 82k / 180lbs
• World’s Strongest Woman – 64k / 141lbs
• Giant’s Live Qualifier – Open Mens

ALL of these contests will run in December in North Carolina, USA at Dorton Arena.

All of these will be by invite only except the Giant’s Live Qualifier will be an open mens division but capped at around 30 athletes.

Invites will be through a variety of sources with the primary source being an online competition that will be released in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

We are really excited to be able to work with Aaron Molin & Colin Bryce on this!

The Online qualifier events are said to be live in the next few days at OfficialStrongman.com but in the mean time the events as reported by Aaron Molin are.

Log Clean Once then 3 rep max
Deadlift Weight x reps in 30 seconds
Max farmers – 50′ turn 50′ no drops

Aaron Molin also said on Facebook there there will be 30 athletes per class and they will all do 4 events on day 1. On day 2 only the top 10 will advance to do the final 2 events.


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