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Setup & Technique in The Overhead Press : Starting Strongman Seminar

This video was filmed as part of a Starting Strongman seminar in 2019 going over setup and technique in the overhead press.

How Starting Strongman got a Super Bowl Comercial

I go over the origins of Starting Strongman and how the Super Bowl Commercial for Facebook came to be in the video below. Thank you for all your support over the years! Lets keep growing the sport of Strongman.

Labor Day Sale! 20% Off Ebooks, Programs & More!

I hope your training is going well and your weekend is too. See below for some of our sales going on during Labor Day including 20 OR MORE% off all Ebooks  & Programs $20 off the truck pull simulator $20 off Grip Shirts 

Strongman Guide To Black Friday 2021

Here are some of the deals we have found for Black Friday from ourselves and our friends.