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2023 Strongman Corporation Nationals Preview + How To Watch!

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The 2023 Strongman Corporation National Championships is almost here! On Friday Oct. 20 th and
Saturday Oct. 21 st hundreds of the strongest men and women in America will gather at the Bayfront
Convention Center in Erie, PA to battle for invitations to the Arnold Amateur World Championships,
Strongman Corporation Pro Cards, and the title of National Champion. All the action will be available to
you on pay per view via our partners at ADL Live!

The morning session begins that Friday at 10:00am EST with the 125, 140, and 160 pound class women,
as well as the 265, and Unlimited class men. The afternoon session will be off and running at 1:30pm,
and will include the 180, and Unlimited women’s classes, along with the 175, 200, and 231 pound men’s
divisions. Friday’s schedule will see three events contested in the order of Cerberus Bag Toss, Log Press,
and Atlas Stones presented by AbMat for both sessions.

On Saturday 10/21, the morning session once again begins at 10:00am EST, this time with our mighty
contenders facing the Kabuki Max Trap Bar Deadlift, the Yoke-to-Wheelbarrow Carry, and lastly the
grueling Power Stairs courtesy of Strength Depot. Just as on Day 1, the afternoon group will get started
at 1:30pm, and will consist of the same classes. Awards and official placings will be announced at the
Awards Banquet that evening.

This year’s Bag Over Bar by Cerberus Strength event is a fixed height throwing event for maximum
weight; the weight increases each round, while the height of the uprights remain. The Log Clean & Press
for Reps offers two options, one option heavier than the other. Any number of reps on the heavier
option log automatically results in a higher placing than any number of reps on the lighter log option.
The final event on Day 1 is the AbMat Atlas Stone Medley, where increasingly heavier stones will be
carried and loaded to a platform, before athletes are challenged by fourth stone to be loaded over a
yoke bar for reps.

The second day will confront our field of amazing athletes with a Max Trap Bar Deadlift utilizing the
Kabuki brand trap bar with the slightly wider handle spacing option, which allows our more massive
athletes to properly fit in the apparatus. The Yoke-to-Wheelbarrow Race will be contested on a 50 foot
course for time. The wheelbarrow implement is unique in that it is attached to the yoke; after setting
the yoke down across the line, athletes will grab attached handles, lift and tip the yoke onto a pair of
heavy duty wheels, and carry the whole thing back to the start line. The Strength Depot Power Stairs is
the big finale, with three increasingly heavy implements to each be negotiated up three huge stairs.

Who will stand tallest at this year’s Strongman Corporation National Championships made possible by
Serious Steel Fitness and Zone Smelling Salts? Find out live at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie,
PA, or stay home, grab your favorite protein powder, and catch all the action at adlpro.live!

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