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So – you want to run a strongman competition?

While you might have dreams of putting on the biggest and baddest strongman competition the world has ever seen, with thousands of dollars in price money and making an absolute mint from it, the reality is this is far from what is likely to actually happen. I’ve ran quite a few competitions now, some big and some small, some great and some terrible, and I thought I’d share a few hints and tricks that I’ve learned over the years to help you not make the same mistakes I did.

10 Week Deadlift Domination

10 Week Deadlift Domination The deadlift, undoubtedly the king of all exercises, will either be your favorite thing to do or the bane of your existence. For many people who get stuck at plateaus or just generally don’t like deadlifting, most issues come down to one of three problems: You don’t know how to hinge …

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Hips Don’t Lie – Fixing Your Deadlift with Hinge Patterning Work

Article By Drew Spriggs Have you ever witnessed somebody who has never deadlifted before in their life walk into a gym and perform a perfect (and often quite strong) deadlift with absolutely minimal coaching? This is a phenomenon I witnessed a few times, and like most people I put this down to them coming from …

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Cardio For Strongman

By Drew Spriggs  I’m going to call it straight off the bat – I absolutely despise cardio. That being said, given the number of strongman/powerlifters/strong mofo’s who have died an early death due to “unknown heart conditions”, I decided that after competing at GPC Worlds in Las Vegas this year I’d step my cardio game …

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5 Reasons Strongmen Should Sumo Deadlift

By Drew Spriggs  This article is undoubtedly going to be the most controversial thing I’ve ever written, so I’m going to come straight out and say it – all strongman competitors SHOULD be sumo deadlifting. Now I have gotten your attention (and probably all of your hate), let’s look at my arguments for the sumo …

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Dreadnought Overhead Press Program – 4 Weeks to a Bigger Press

By Drew Springs Overhead Press Specialisation Program The overhead press – a simple movement that seems to the bane of most peoples’ existence. Like the majority of you, I used to absolutely HATE it as I completely sucked at it, so I developed a program to nail any potential weak points. Anecdotally, using this outline for …

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