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Staying Dry on the Course: Choosing the
Best Waterproof Golf Clothing

Golf is a game that requires players to dress for the weather in order to maintain
an optimal level of performance. While a standard golf outfit consists of a collared
shirt and slacks, if the forecast includes rain or other wet conditions, clothing
choices must be made to ensure a dry, comfortable round. Choosing the right
waterproof golf clothing can be the difference between a successful or disastrous
round of golf.
In this blog post, we will explore the importance of staying dry on the course and
the best waterproof golf clothing options available. We will look at a range of
options including jackets, pants, and hats and discuss the features of each one.
We will also provide tips and tricks to consider when making a selection. Finally,
we will highlight some popular brands that offer quality waterproof golf wear. By
the end of this post, you will have a good understanding of the importance of
waterproofing and what to choose when you decide to buy waterproof golf

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  1. Consider the Weather Conditions
    If you’re playing in a rainy climate, you’ll need to invest in a waterproof hat,
    jacket, and pants in order to keep your body dry during your rounds. On the other
    hand, if you’re playing in a dry climate, a lightweight rain suit may suffice. It’s
    important to choose the right level of protection so you can stay dry and
    comfortable on the course.
  2. Select Breathable Fabrics
    Breathable fabrics are the best choice for waterproof golf clothing, as they allow
    moisture to escape your body while still keeping you dry. Look for garments

made with technical fabrics such as GORE-TEX®, DryTek®, and Polartec® that
are designed to keep you both warm and dry. Also, if you’re playing in chilly
weather, consider garments that are lined with a lightweight fleece to help
insulate your body.

  1. Opt for Waterproof Seams and Zippers
    Waterproof clothing should have sealed seams and waterproof zippers to keep
    moisture out, no matter the conditions. Seams are the most common source of
    water leakage in golf clothing, so make sure they are properly sealed.
    Additionally, look for zippers that have a special waterproof coating, such as the
    ones offered by YKK Aquaguard, to ensure the utmost protection from the
  2. Look for Waterproof Pockets & Hoods
    Pockets with waterproof zippers and taped seams will help keep your golf
    accessories and valuables safe and dry. And if you’re looking for extra protection
    against the elements, opt for a jacket with a waterproof hood. This will keep you
    dry in case of unexpected showers or high winds. Be sure to check the product
    description or reach out to the manufacturer to ensure the hood is waterproof.
  3. Choose Golf Clothes with UPF Protection
    While waterproof clothing can keep you dry, it is also important to consider the
    sun’s harmful UV rays. UPF protection is a useful addition to golf clothes, as it
    can block out 97-99% of UV rays. Look out for clothes with a UPF rating of 50+,
    which offers superior protection. This can help you stay dry, cool, and sun-safe
    on the course.
    In conclusion, to stay dry on the course, it’s important to choose the right
    waterproof golf clothing. Whether you opt for a waterproof golf jacket, waterproof

golf trousers, or a combination of both, make sure to shop around and find the
best products for your budget. With the right waterproof golf clothing, you’ll be
able to stay dry and comfortable, no matter what the weather throws your way.

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