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Can one calculate the return to player rate of a slot?

You’re probably aware that slots are ultimately chance-based games, your odds of winning are essentially all down to how lucky you are. However, it’s not completely random – there are odds involved which can be figured out based on a games ‘RTP’ which stands for Return to Player. So, you might be wondering – can one calculate the return to player rate of a slot? It’s a great question, let’s take a look or try Shamans Dream slot sites.

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How do RTPs actually work?

Every slot game out there has an RTP, and you can pretty much always find the RTP of a game on the website that you are playing it. The average RTP is 95%, but we would suggest that you aim to find games with an RTP of 97% or up as there are loads out there. So, what does this actually mean in terms of your money? Well, essentially it represents the amount of money that is on average returned to the player. These points should help illustrate it for you:

–        If you bet £1,000 across a session on a game that has a 95% RTP, on average you would only lose £50

–        However, this is an average, and will generally add up across 100 spins.

–        This means that you should always spread your slot session across a minimum of 100 spins. If you make large bets across 10 spins, the RTP might not reflect your actual odds.

–        Finally, a 95% RTP doesn’t mean you will always lose 5% of your bets – it’s an average, so you could win massively or lose a little more.

Does that make sense? Great, now let’s take a look at how you can calculate this in a real-life scenario.

Calculating the RTP of a slot

It’s all very well that a slot game tells you the RTP, but how can you know if this is actually true? One of our favourite things to do is to test this for ourselves through basic calculations. We like to conduct this experiment through a blind trial. Essentially, the process goes like this:

–        Find a slot game with a minimum bet of 10p, take a look at the advertised RTP, and write it down

–        Deposit a tenner, and get ready for a long slot session of 100 spins.

–        You can write down your wins and losses as you go, or alternatively wait until the result is shown at the end.

–        Check out how much money you won or lost and calculate the percentage this represents of £10. If you’re up a tenner, your actual RTP was 200%! However, it’s more likely that you be around £9.50 with an average RTP of 95%

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s always a great idea to calculate the RTP of slots. You can generally take the average RTP listed on a website for face value, but it’s smart to be sceptical. Work out the odds for yourself, and always remember to spread your slot session across at least 100 spins. Otherwise, you could be exposing yourself to lower odds than necessary!

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