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World’s Strongest Man Betting Guide

We can rarely hear the World’s Strongest Man competition being discussed as much as football or basketball. It looks like a niche choice but when the event starts we see that’s definitely not the case. World’s Strongest Man always garners a lot of attention from spectators all over the world. This means the competition is just as massive as ever, and we are always watching in anticipation. The competition is a unique window into what’s humanly possible, as far as raw strength is concerned. 

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Here we will discuss how you should bet on this competition. Sports betting is one of the oldest hobbies and definitely makes the competition more thrilling. So, let’s see what you need to do in order to maximize your chance of guessing the right outcomes. 

General Advice

First, we will go over some tips that are pretty much universal for sports betting. You need to be responsible and manage your funds carefully. So, don’t overspend or put all of your money on a single tournament. Also, don’t wager at all if you cannot afford it. 

Remember not to be too emotionally invested in the whole outcome and start to bet out of frustration. Finally don’t make completely uninformed decisions, try to follow the latest news related to the competition. Given how one of the competitors was an actor on Game of Thrones the event, in general, has received more attention. There are some other benefits you should consider that depend on the operator you choose, and we will cover that as well. 

Choosing the Operator and Creating an Account 

The operator you pick is an important factor that impacts your chance of winning to an extent. You should opt for reliable sportsbooks that most of the other bettors are using to place bets, thereby minimizing the chance of fraud. According to 2021 stats, a lot of Strongman bets were placed in West Virginia via WV sports betting apps that are available to bettors there. Meaning these operators are safe to deal with. 

Another thing to consider is player bonuses. These tend to vary depending on the betting site, and some are more generous than others. If you rely more on bonuses rather than your own funds you can place more bets, or simply bet without risking as much real money. Therefore, find the adequate operator, create an account there, and claim your bonus before playing. 

Betting Strategy for World’s Strongest Man

Let’s talk about strategy. It’s almost always better to do some research and not go into betting completely blind and solely rely on displayed odds. Each competition is different and competitors work on themselves to change previous outcomes. 

So make sure to study the contestants, or at least some of the most popular fighters, and find out what they plan to do differently. How they switched their training and diet for example, and if there are clips of them performing feats they couldn’t last year. 

It is also important to consider the atmosphere during the competition. According to the sports editor at LuckyNJ, bettors often make mistakes by ignoring external factors. These are the things that are also omitted from the data analysis algorithm that was used to calculate the odds. Some contestants might have more supporters during the competition and if that can lift their spirit they are more likely to perform better. Also, the age of contestants plays a role, so the older they get the slower they will advance.  

You should also view the past results and try to identify the underdogs. Due to lack of coverage or prior performance some are viewed as unlikely winners which are often not true. In fact, if your result was bad there is a higher chance to outperform your past self and those people also have more room for growth. Meaning there are some bets that are not as risky as they appear to be. 


These were some of the most important things to consider prior to placing bets on the World’s Strongest Man. All in all, we hope you will enjoy the contest regardless of placing bets or not, and that your favorite competitor will win. 

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