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What Is the Difference Between Strongman and Powerlifting?

People are always fascinated when they witness something that seems impossible for them to do. That’s why there are so many fans gathered around every strongman that tries to lift or move yet another heavy object – like a car for example. 

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However, many people confuse strongman with powerlifting. And it’s easy to understand why. Both disciplines have to do with incredibly strong people, but in fact, they are quite different. Each of these sports has different training sessions, goals, and results that the participants want to achieve.

How Does A Strongman Train

Staying in shape and building muscles is becoming more and more popular as the world turns to a more healthy lifestyle. Exercising comes naturally to everyone these days. And the more you decide to commit, the stronger you become.

But becoming a strongman requires an entirely different type of training. In order to become a strongman, athletes undergo specific training sessions. They try to lift, push or pull objects that are way heavier than anything a regular person would try to move. And of course, there are variations in the way they conduct their practice session. Some strongmen will flip a giant tire. Others will run while carrying heavy stones or kegs. 

There are a number of strongman contests all over the world that are becoming more and more popular as time goes by. What is more, most of them allow people to place bets on the winners which can be a really fun activity for spectators. Bettors who also like to visit a 2 dollar deposit casino where they can play with low deposits are great fans of these types of events, and especially of World’s Strongest Man which is the most important one of them all. But these spectacles are only possible because strongmen undergo extreme training to be able to perform in front of an audience. Strongman competitors that want to join a major event usually prepare for months, even years, because most of the Strongman competitions include a series of different obstacles. Within a single competition, a Strongman will have to do a farmer’s walk with dumbbells, lift a log over their heads, and carry Atlas stones. 

Additionally, strongman training is also useful for both your cardiovascular health as well as everyday situations. For example, even after the competition is over, you will be able to lift heavy objects and transfer them from one place to another without risk of a serious injury. Also, with this type of training, you have set the perfect base to move on to another strength-focused activity such as powerlifting or bodybuilding. 

What About Powerlifting?

First of all, it’s important to mention that there is a great chance that you will meet a powerlifter by visiting your local gym. The same can’t be said for a strongman. Powerlifting is a very popular strength-based activity that revolves around bench press, squats, and deadlifts. All those who practice powerlifting have one goal – and that is to lift as much as possible. And since they only focus on the three exercises mentioned above, it is way easier for athletes who practice this discipline to organize and conduct their training sessions. 

When it comes to powerlifting, every training session is focused on pushing the limits a little bit further than the last time. The main idea is that as soon as you can lift a certain weight a couple of training sessions in a row, you are ready to lift heavier weight. 

This discipline also has its own competitions, and most people who dedicate time to powerlifting decide to join a contest at some point. 

Which One Is Better?

This question depends solely on the athlete and the goals they want to achieve. It’s way easier to find the equipment needed to train powerlifting, but strongman training can give you a more diverse set of skills. In any case, both of these disciplines are excellent for muscle building, cardiovascular health, as well as an improved lifestyle in general. 

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