The Cube Method for Strongman Prime is the longest, most complete version of the Cube Method for strongman ever! Multiple time Worlds Strongest Man competitor Josh Thigpen has packed in over 100 pages including the following- –

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  • A special emphasis on how to progress on the Cube and in strongman in general -3 peaking programs including a 9 week Nationals program and two 12 week hypothetical contests programs
  • A way to train more strongman events during the week to always be prepared for anything! 
  • A look into some peaking methods of some of the world’s top strongmen! 
  • The secret of the number 528! -New assistance work movements and tips 
  • Conditioning protocol advancements! -Secret of how to get the most out of a deload 
  • How to use periodization within the cube framework -A refresher on the original Cube for Strongman so you don’t have to already have read the original And more!

The goal of strongman is to become the perfect all-round strength athlete. The Cube Method for Strongman Prime will help you become exactly that.

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