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3 Simple Tips to Get Stronger Physically

In any activity, you have to get stronger and improve your skills to get better results. And if with the best bookmaker, you should learn statistics and strategies, with workouts, these 3 tips will be helpful. 

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Choose One Power Ability You Want to Develop and Work on It

Doing everything all at once will work out at the most average level. Even professional athletes have to break down their training taking into account the development of the lagging component and sport specialization.

For example, it is important for a gymnast to have sufficient absolute muscular strength, special muscular endurance, but the priority for him will be sports agility. He will train the latter separately by using his skills in other aspects of strength.

Choose Means to Develop Strength

There are a lot of means to develop muscle strength. All of them are appropriate if they meet the specific task and ability that you are going to work on.

The remedies are grouped into 3 main types:

  • Exercises with external resistance (with a partner, weights, overcoming environmental factors). For the development of absolute strength, speed and strength work, power endurance.
  • Exercises with overcoming your body weight (athletic and gymnastic). For development of dexterity and speed-force ability, power endurance.
  • Isometric exercises (“passive” with weight retention and “active” with tension in a pose). Use them as an extra component of strength ability development.

Choose the Right Technique for Developing the Strength Ability

There are several methods for developing the strength ability.

Maximal effort method is using submaximal and maximal weights with the aim of developing maximal strength. It is suitable for developing absolute strength. Example: weightlifting, where it is important to perform a maximum weight lift in the moment.

Next is the repetitive effort method. The factor that has an effect is the number of repetitions with the optimal weight. This is work for muscle hypertrophy. The muscle becomes stronger by increasing its cross-sectional area. This method is suitable for strength sports and as a supplementary method in other disciplines.

The strength endurance method is a specialty for those sports where such strength ability is needed, such as kettlebell lifting or wrestling. The main influence factor will be repetitive force.

The isometric method is used as an adjunct because isometric exertion does not involve lengthening, and therefore contraction, of the muscle. Nevertheless, wrestlers may experience this type of tension briefly in a fight. It is worth using this method in conjunction with the more traditional ones.

One Ability – One Means – One Method

It is possible to achieve the result in developing one power ability only with a narrow specialization and concentration on this ability.

This rule comes from professional sports. It is appropriate for anyone who wants to maximize the development of a selected strength ability.

An example here is weightlifting. The basic method will be the method of maximum effort, the means for development will be exercises with external resistance. An extra method would be the repetitive effort method. Endurance work is virtually useless, just like isometrics.

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