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Clash On The Coast 2021 Events Announced

Anthony Fuhrman recently announced he would be promoting a Pro/Am U105KG Strongman event in 2021 and putting up 10 thousand dollars of his own money. We Recently learned of the invited athletes

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and now through the Strengthlete Collective we have learned the events!

💥 Day one heats:💥
Log/block/Inch db for reps
Duck walk/ farmers carry 
sandbag carry and chain drag
💥Day two heats: 💥
Keg toss 
Car deadlift 
Odd object load medley 
Max Apollon axle 
Fingal fingers
Basket squat 
Car walk
Trump stone for reps

A true “Worlds Strongest Man” style format for U105s with two day qualifiers, exciting and innovative.


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