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Oleksii Novikov Wins 2020 Worlds Strongest Man!

After narrowly missing the finals last year Oleksii Novikov came back and cruised through his qualifying heat and looked in control the entire time in the finals with an impressive performance consisting of second place in carry medley, winning the 18″ Deadlift, 5th in the keg toss, 4th in the Hercules Hold, third place in the log ladder and TBA in the atlas stones. The key to winning worlds strongest man is consistency and never placing below 5th and that is exactly what Novikov did.

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Novikov is the first person from the Ukraine to win Worlds Strongest Man since Vasyl Virastyuk won in 2004. At 24 years of age he is also one of the youngest to ever win.

Coming in second with wins in both the log ladder, keg toss and atlas stones is Tom Stoltman of Scotland and Jf Caron of Canada places third after consistently getting fourth and 5th place over the last 5 years of Worlds Strongest Man.

Final Standings

  1. Oleksii Novikov 47pts
  2. Tom Stoltman 43.5pts
  3. Jf Caron 5 stones 42pts
  4. Jerry Pritchett 40pts
  5. Brian Shaw 35.5pts
  6. Adam Bishop 34pts
  7. Kevin Faires 31pts
  8. Aivars Smaukstellis 28.5pts
  9. Luke Richardson 22.5pts
  10. Graham Hicks 1pt *injured*

Full Standings

Photo Source @theworldsstrongestman

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