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2018 Arnold Strongman Europe Results

The last league in the 2018 Arnold Pro Strongman Qualifiers has ended and after a string of heavy heavy shows that many athletes competed in all of them you could see it had taken its toll as almost every athlete seemed to be competing with a torn something or other but now that it is over the athletes have a few months to heal up for the big show this March in Columbus.

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Video Recap

Going into the contest there was of course the 7th qualifying spot up for grabs to whoever won the show which Martins Licis got including an impressive display of deadlifting with 803lbs for 8 reps! There was also the 3 wild card spots available to whoever accumulated the most points during the series.


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The points leader Kielszikowski had 25 points but was absent from the competition sure that his points would be enough to hold up which it was earning him a qualifying spot Jerry Pritchett gained 5 points for his 6th place finish on the weekend to also equal 25 points to qualify. Matjaz Belsak was on his way to possibly winning the contest before suffering what is reported as a bicep tear but his second place finish gained him 9 points to also finish the season with 25 points and a spot at the Arnold Classic. Krzysztof Radzikowski got on the podium in third including 5 reps for the win on the 400lb log but hadn’t racked up enough points through out the season to qualify for the Arnold World Championships. Dimitar Savtinov finished out in 4th in the contest  in the overall points standings which should give him the alternate position.


  • Log Clean and press 180 kilos 400 pounds
  • Yoke walk 455 kilos – 1003 #
  • Frame Carry 400 kilos – 880 pounds
  • Deadlift 365 kilos 805 pounds
  • Arm over arm frame pull – weight TBD


Final Results (unofficial)

  1. Martins Licis (qualifies for the Arnold Classic)
  2. Matjaz belsak
  3. Krzysztof Radzikowski
  4. Dimitar Savatinov
  5. JF Caron
  6. Jerry Pritchett
  7. Jimmy Paquet
  8. Robert Cyrwus
  9. Jitse Kramer
  10. Rauno Heinla
  11. Andrew Clayton
  12. Sigfus Fossdal
  13. Karl Hjelholt
  14. Mateusz Ostaszewski



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