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Tom Hibbert

Considerations for Improving your Super Yoke

By Tom Hibbert The Yoke is one of those disciplines that has a good carryover to other events. If your Yoke is going well, then you can bet your squat and deadlift are also seeing improvements. The main reasoning is that the improved hip and core stability that is so vital with the Yoke, will […]

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Predictor Lifts in Strongman

By Tom Hibbert Success leaves clues, and Charles Poliquin is one of the most well-known strength coaches alongside arguably being the most successful. With this in mind, I utilized his concept of predictor lifts to develop my own for the sport of Strongman. The concept is simple: Improve your predictor lifts and in turn, this

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Weekly Training Structure for a Strongman

By Tom Hibbert Principle 1: Never train more than 2 days in a row Why? Strongman is a neural sport therefore ensuring adequate recovery is of paramount importance. Remember, in Strongman/woman, what you do in the gym has a direct effect on competition performance. It’s not like a 100m sprinter, where they have to also

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Arm Training For Strongman

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