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Predictor Lifts in Strongman

By Tom Hibbert Success leaves clues, and Charles Poliquin is one of the most well-known strength coaches alongside arguably being the most successful. With this in mind, I utilized his concept of predictor lifts to develop my own for the sport of Strongman. The concept is simple: Improve your predictor lifts and in turn, this […]

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Weekly Training Structure for a Strongman

By Tom Hibbert Principle 1: Never train more than 2 days in a row Why? Strongman is a neural sport therefore ensuring adequate recovery is of paramount importance. Remember, in Strongman/woman, what you do in the gym has a direct effect on competition performance. It’s not like a 100m sprinter, where they have to also

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Arm Training For Strongman

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Offseason Training for Strongman

By Max Pippa As a Strongman or Strongwoman competitor, it is common to do three or more contests a year. Most competitors will do a qualifier or two for nationals, compete in nationals, and possibly a follow up contest after nationals because it is within driving distance etc. While regularly competing in Strongman is by

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