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Strongman Training for Every Body: Adapting Workouts for Diverse Fitness Levels

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Strongman training, traditionally perceived as a niche fitness domain reserved for the profoundly robust, offers a rich tapestry of benefits to every fitness enthusiast, regardless of their current fitness level or physique. We passionately believe that the universality of this training method is its biggest strength. Embracing the ethos of diversity and inclusivity, we aim to shatter misconceptions and encourage everyone to harness the power of strongman training.

In this guide, we will delve into the adaptation of strongman workouts for diverse fitness levels, offering a dynamic perspective on this empowering form of exercise.

Basic Strongman Workouts for Beginners

This category caters to individuals who are relatively new to fitness or have not yet ventured into the world of strongman workouts.

Farmer’s Walk

Beginners can start their journey into strongman training with the Farmer’s Walk, an exercise that involves carrying weights for a specified distance. Start with lighter dumbbells that you would normally use for bicep curls or tricep extensions, and aim to walk around 10-20 meters. This fantastic full-body workout not only builds grip strength and core stability but also boosts your cardiovascular fitness.

Tire Flip

Tire flips, another accessible exercise for beginners, involves flipping a large, heavy tire multiple times. Start with smaller tires, and as your strength and confidence grow, you can progress to larger ones. This functional exercise works your entire body, increasing strength, endurance, and metabolic capacity.

Log Lift

The Log Lift is a great exercise for building overall body strength, particularly in the shoulders and back. Beginners can start with a lighter weighted log or even a thick barbell, lifting it from the ground to an overhead position. Remember, form and technique are more important than the weight lifted, so ensure you’re performing this exercise correctly to avoid injury.

Intermediate Strongman Workouts

For those who have already dipped their toes into the waters of strongman training and are looking for a bit more challenge, we have some intermediate-level exercises. These workouts demand a higher level of strength, coordination, and endurance than the beginner workouts.

Atlas Stones

Atlas Stones require lifting large round stones onto a platform. While this move is complex, necessitating full-body strength and coordination, it can be adapted for intermediate fitness levels by using lighter stones or even medicine balls. Start with a lower platform and gradually increase the height as your strength and technique improve.

Yoke Walk

The Yoke Walk is a loaded carry exercise where you carry a heavy yoke across your shoulders and walk for a designated distance. Intermediate trainees can start with a lighter yoke and a shorter distance, gradually ramping up the weight and distance as their strength and endurance increase. This exercise provides an excellent workout for your lower and upper body while also improving your cardiovascular fitness.

Truck Pull

While the Truck Pull might sound intimidating, don’t let the name scare you off. This exercise can be adapted for intermediate levels by pulling lighter vehicles or sleds. Ensure you have good footwear for traction, and focus on driving with your legs and maintaining a steady rhythm. This workout is a fantastic test of full-body strength and endurance.

Advanced Strongman Workouts

For fitness enthusiasts ready to push their limits and elevate their strength training to new heights, advanced strongman workouts offer the perfect challenge. However, if you are not feeling ready to dive into these advanced exercises just yet, why don’t you check out FanDuel Sportsbook for a fun and exciting way to engage in sports activities? With plenty of options to choose from, including daily fantasy sports and traditional sports betting, FanDuel caters to all levels of sports enthusiasts. 

Car Deadlift

The Car Deadlift is a true test of maximum strength. Using a special frame, you lift the back end of a car, mimicking the motion of a traditional deadlift but with a whole lot more weight. Ensure you’ve mastered your deadlift form and built substantial strength before attempting this, as the weight can be considerable.

Keg Toss

The Keg Toss is a dynamic, explosive exercise that involves throwing a heavy keg over a high bar. It not only tests your strength but also your power, speed, and coordination. Start with lighter kegs and gradually increase the weight as your technique and power improve.

Husafell Stone Carry

The Husafell Stone Carry is a brutal test of strength, endurance, and mental fortitude. Here, you carry a large, flat stone against your chest as far as you can. Make sure to maintain a tight grip and keep your back straight during the carry. Over time, aim to increase the distance you can carry the stone.

Axle Press

Finally, the Axle Press involves lifting a thick axle barbell overhead, challenging your grip, shoulder stability, and strength more than a standard barbell press might. Make sure you’ve mastered the standard press before moving on to the axle press.

The Bottom Line

Strongman training is indeed for everybody—not just for the physically robust. This dynamic and empowering form of exercise offers a wide range of workouts that can be adapted to meet the fitness levels and goals of any individual.

So why not give it a try? Who knows, you might just discover your inner strongman (or woman) after all! 

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