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How To Watch the Arnold Strongman Classic 2020

There has been a lot going on this week with the event being canceled for spectators but the bright side is we are still presented a high quality live stream from Rogue Fitness you can see below plus a schedule of events

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NEW Competition Schedule

Please note that the starting times for all events listed below are approximate

and depend on the stage being ready for us and the length of time the previous event takes.

Friday Afternoon, March 6, 2020

Note ASC = Arnold Strongman Classic. RRB = Rogue Record Breaker

1:30 PM   Live Stream Starts

1:40 PM  ASC Event One:  Trial by Stone. 

2:40 PM   RRB Event One: Women’s Bag Over Bar

3:00 PM  ASC Event Two: The Bag Over the Bar

3:55 PM   RRB Event Two: Women’s Repetition Deadlift Contest

4:05 PM   RRB Event Three: Men’s Repetition Deadlift Contest

4:15 PM   RRB Event Four:  Women’s Monster Dumbbell Contest

4:40 PM   ASC Event Three: The Wheel of Pain

5:30 PM  RRB Event Five: Men’s Dinnie Stone Lift and Hold

6:00 PM  RRB Event Six:  Men’s 500+-Pound Wooden Log Lift Challenge

6:15 PM  RRB Event Seven: Women’s 300-Pound Wooden Log Lift Challenge

6:30 PM  RRB Event Eight: Men’s Atlas Stone Challenge

6:45 PM   Bus departs for hotel from back of Convention Center.

Saturday Afternoon, March 7, 2020

10:30 AM   Bus departs from basement of Hilton to take competitors and officials to back of Expo Center.

11:30 AM  Live Stream Starts and Flag Ceremony for ASC Men

11:40 AM  RRB Event Nine: Elephant Bar Deadlift for Women

12:05 PM  ASC Event Four: Elephant Bar Deadlift

1:30 PM    RRB Event 10&11:  Men’s and Women’s Anvil Grip Contest (Men and Women          Will Compete simultaneously on different stage areas.)

2:45 PM    ASC Event Five: Frame Carry  (head-to-head races) 

Arnold Amateur Schedule

via @Strongmancorporation

Amateur Live Stream

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