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WUS Bahrain Athletes & Events – New Contest!

The Pro Strongman scene is alive and well and WUS announcing a new show right in the smack middle of a bunch of other big shows has really shaken things up. Watch the new Strong Talk video below for details.

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Watch the Strong Talk Breakdown


Hafthor Bjornsson 

Martins Licis

Mateusz Kielizkowski

Luke Stoltman

Tom Stoltman

Oleksii Novikov 

Rauno Heinla 

Konstantine Janashia

JF Caron

Terry Hollands

Iron Biby

Matjaz Belsak


Max Deadlift (Texas Deadlift Barbell) 

Log Press for reps (60 seconds) – 170kg

Farmers Walk x 40m (with drop and turn) – 170kg (each hand)

Giant Dumbbell Press for reps (60 seconds) – 100kg

10 Atlas Stone Run – 100-200kg

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