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World Records In Strongman (Opinion)

World Records are great but Strongman is not standardized equipment so saying that “conditions need to be the same” is the anthesis of what Strongman is.

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When Zydrunas Savickas kept breaking his own log press world record over and over was it the exact same log? NO! Sometimes it was wood, sometimes it weighed more empty sometimes it was shorter, sometimes longer…

They all counted as a world record though right?

I can tell you certain logs are harder than others to press my max will go down by over 30lbs sometimes! 

I get the appeal of world records in Strongman (hell I track them on my website) but at the same time they kind of go against the whole point of a non standardized sport. 

Unless we want to keep track of every possible variant of a lift with its own record and then we go the way powerlifting did for awhile and I don’t think that is a good idea either. 

IMO there should be some loose rules such as log must be 12″ in diameter barbell must be 9″ off the ground and just track “most weight lifted all time” from there fans can debate what is more impressive to THEM.

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