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Is Titan Fitness Good For Strongman?

Titan Fitness came into the Strongman scene a few years ago and instantly made a big impact, garnering lots of strong opinions by the members of our Facebook group, both positive and negative. Titan Fitness offers budget friendly Strongman equipment, two phrases that never really went together before. I got into Strongman training a bit …

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The effect of influencer culture on Strongman

Strongman tends to be a little slow to getting with and adapting to the times and throughout my time in the sport, first as an athlete and now as for lack of a better term an influencer to some extent, that was nowhere more apparent than in embracing social media. When I founded Starting Strongman …

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World Records In Strongman (Opinion)

World Records are great but Strongman is not standardized equipment so saying that “conditions need to be the same” is the anthesis of what Strongman is. When Zydrunas Savickas kept breaking his own log press world record over and over was it the exact same log? NO! Sometimes it was wood, sometimes it weighed more …

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The Curious case of 105kg Strongmen

The following is an Opinion piece by Anthony Fuhrman Hello. My name is Anthony Fuhrman, Flama Blanca, Sergeant Fuhrman etc…. I know there are a lot of you that know who I am, and an equal or greater amount that do not. I am a professional 105kg Strongman, I have won multiple World Titles, 2 silvers at Americas …

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By Gina Melnik “I’m not strong enough. I won’t be competitive.” We have all heard this before. So many times I’ve talked to people that really wanted to do a certain show and then decided not to because they think they “aren’t strong enough.” Something about it scares them and it feels safer to just …


2017 Top Moments In Strength

By Paul Mouser  #1 Who: Steve Schmidt Where: America’s Strongest Viking What: All-time Block Press record In July of 2017, for the first time a Platinum Plus level competition was held on West Virginia soil. This meant Arnold invites, Nationals invites, and National deadlift records were all up for grabs. One of the most unique draws …

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The Reasons why everyone needs a Strongman coach

By Sam Brown Strongman is becoming more and more popular. You can find Strongman implements in most gyms that are worth their weight. You can also find a Strongman gym near you with ease using the Strongman gym locator. With that in mind, the world of competitive Strongman is getting, for a lack of a better …

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