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Americas Strongest Man 105kg Preview 2019

By James Deffinbaugh and Laura Anderson

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October 19th, 2019

Kentucky International Convention Center as part of the Kentucky Muscle Strength and Fitness Extravaganza

Livestream will be on the Strongman Corporation Facebook page starting sometime after 10AM.


Last Man Standing Log Press

Bag Toss Over Bar – 40, 45, 50, and 55lb bags over 15ft bar.

Max 18” Deadlift – Deadlift bar and calibrated plates

Yoke/Farmer’s Walk – 900lb Yoke and 325lb Farmer’s

Stone over Bar – 380lb Stone over 52” bar

It’s that time again – the top weight-classed strongmen in the country are coming together to determine who will be the 2019 America’s Strongest Man under 105kg. Some have held the title before, some have come close, and some are wild cards making their pro debut. Terry Rady is a favorite after winning the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championship and getting a very close 2nd at the Dallas Pro-am and 2018 America’s Strongest Man 105k. He’s a threat to win every individual event, so his well-rounded athleticism and power could very well be a recipe for victory.

This competition also marks the rematch of 2017 America’s Strongest Man James Deffinbaugh and runner-up (and later World’s Strongest Man 105kg) Anthony Furhman. The two tied in the 2017 show, setting up the historic one-handed farmer’s hold tie-breaker after James tore his bicep on an earlier event. Thus far, their attempted rematches have been limited to Dance Dance Revolution, but they’ve finally decided on an official strongman face-off. Repeat competitor Nick Cambi is also one to watch, particularly well-suited for this show’s event lineup. But along with the known strengths of the existing and long-standing pro men, there are several new pros in the mix, ready to make a name for themselves.

Although it’s his first pro show, Jesse Nelson will likely be pushing for the 105kg Log Press world record. The current record is 410lbs, held by Rob Kearney from America’s Strongest Man in 2015. Jesse has done 390lb log strict press from the rack and has a solid chance of smashing that record. Terry Rady is also a contender for the record, having pressed 400lbs in training, and Nick Cambi has a legendary split jerk that puts huge numbers overhead. Luke Meredith might be a dark horse as well, recently closing in on a 400lb log press. We may well see the record set and broken more than once this weekend.

The Bag Toss is heavier than has been seen before for a 105kg competition, with each bag 5lbs heavier than at 2018 Official Strongman Games. Only a handful of competitors completed it there, but expect to see some standout performances by sandbag king Johnny Wasiczko, and by James Deffinbaugh, who has also hit 56lbs over 16’. With the sandbag toss being a newer and less-tested event, there could be some surprise performances that raise expectations on what the 105kg men are capable of..

The Max Deadlift is guaranteed to thrill, with multiple competitors intending to pull over 1000lbs. Expect big things from Anthony Furhman, who is probably top top puller in the 105kgs, as well as other big deadlifters such as Terry Rady and Nate Bolling.

The 900lb Yoke is heavy for a 105kg show, but will be even more grueling with an extra long crossbar and a chaser of a 325lb farmer’s carry. Expect yoke speed-demon Nick Cambi to set a blazing time here, as well as the athletic Matt Moeller, who has shown especially fast yoke, farmer’s and transition speed.

A 380 Stone to 52” would be the final stone in a series at most high level 105kg shows, but it’s going to be repped out at America’s Strongest Man. Watch out for Nick Cambi who hit 3 reps at 420 without tacky at America’s Strongest Man last year, and of course Johnny Wasiczko who has repeatedly proven himself as a top stone loader.

All in all, we’re guaranteed some huge lifts, broken records, and plenty of surprises from 13 of America’s Strongest 105kg men.


  • Terry Rady @terryrady
    • World’s Strongest Man 90kg 2016
    • Arnold Amateur Strongman World Champion 2018
    • America’s Strongest Man 105kg 2018 – 2nd place
  • James Deffinbaugh @jdef_pro_strongman
    • America’s Strongest Man 105kg 2017
    • Strongman Corporation National Champion 231 2014
  • Nicolas Cambi @cambidude
    • America’s Strongest Man 105kg 2018 – 3rd place
    • World’s Strongest man 105kg 2017 – 2nd place
  • Anthony Furhman @anthonyfuhrmanstrong
    • America’s Strongest Man 105kg 2017 – 2nd place
    • World’s Strongest Man 105kg 2018
  • Matt Moeller
    • Strongman Corporation National Champion <231 2017
    • America’s Strongest Man 105kg 2018 – 4th place
  • Nate Bolling @pro_strongman_nate_bolling
    • Dallas Pro-am Top Amateur 2018
    • America’s Strongest Man 105kg 2018 – 5th place
  • Aaron West 
    • Strongman Corporation National Champion 231 2011
  • Tom Mutaffis @tmutaffis
    • Strongman Corporation National Champion <200
    • 4th Appearance at America’s Strongest Man 105kg
  • Johnny Wasiczko @prostrongmanjohnnywaz
    • 6-time World’s Strongest Man 105kg Finalist
    • Dallas Europa Platinum Plus Champion – 2012
    • America’s Strongest Master 2017
    • Pro Strongman Master’s National Champion 2018
  • Adam Geiger @105kpro_strongmangeiger
    • Strongman Corporation National Championship 2018 – 2nd Place
  • Jesse Nelson @jesse_nelson_strongman
    • Strongman Corporation National Championship 2018 – 3rd Place
  • Luke Meredith @luke.indiana_iron
    • Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championship 2019 – 4th Place
  • Anthony Diehl @anthony105kprostrongman
    • Strongman Corporation National Championship 2019 – 3rd Place
    • Beast of the Bluegrass Platinum Plus 2019 – 1st Place

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