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How To Qualify For Worlds Ultimate Strongman 2020

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World’s Ultimate Strongman opens its doors to Strongman promoters worldwide

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World’s Ultimate Strongman invtiation process 2020

The invitation process for the world’s biggest strongman event has been revealed – with the best athletes from all over the world given the chance to attend. World’s Ultimate Strongman returns for its second edition in October, with 18 of the strongest men the planet has to offer vying for the richest prize in the sport. 

The Dubai event sent shockwaves through the sport of strongman in 2018, with this year’s show set to be an even bigger spectacle. 

Now it has been revealed how the invitation for WUS will operate moving forward. WUS hopes to find the best of the best within each region in order to truly unearth the strongest man in the world. Through a diverse process unseen in the strongman world, they are targeting the following major strongman promotions as the invitation process for the World’s Ultimate title 

This will include;

The top 15 from World’s Ultimate Strongman

All 10 from the Arnold Strongman Classic in Ohio (Covering the best athletes globally)

The winner of the Arnold Amateur via Strongman Corporation (Covering the US)

Top-3 from Giants Live Europe’s Strongest (Covering Europe)

The winner of the Strongman Champions League series (Global)

The winner of the Emirates Strength Middle East’s Strongest Man (Covering the Middle East and Asia)

The winner of the Gulf Strongest Man a yearly event starting 2020 (Covering the Gulf region)

The winner of the Official Strongman Games

Top-3 from World’s Strongest Man

The line-up will create a who’s-who in the strongman world, and take another step on the way to unifying the strongman world with athletes for various organisations taking part. The diverse mix of athletes also shows the ongoing commitment WUS has to grow the sport of strongman, with amateurs set to be represented, along with two athletes who will qualify courtesy of events in the Middle East. 

They will come together to compete for the biggest prize-pot in the sport, with money and benefits exceeding a whopping quarter of a million dollars. 

World’s UItimate Strongman owners explained the reasoning behind the invitation criteria:

“We want the best athletes from around the world at World’s Ultimate Strongman, and for that we can’t just focus on a handful of names. We want an event that unifies athletes from all corners of the planet, and the criteria we have put in place will certainly do that.

This is not only about showing what the peak of the sport has to offer, but also growing the sport globally. More budding athletes now have several paths to get to WUS, the zenith of Strongman contests. You’ll see how important this is to us with the inclusion of top amateurs and also the strongest guys from this region.” 

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