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Worlds Strongest Man 2019 Details!

Just a few days ago Worlds Strongest Man announced on their Facebook page that Worlds Strongest Man 2019 would be taking place in Bradenton, Florida on June 13th-16th this came as a surprise as the duration of contest is shorter than normal. Since then there has been a lot of speculation on what this means and now I have confirmed some information from Worlds Strongest Man sources.

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So what’s new?


  • There will be 25 athletes this is down from the usual 30. In past years there would be 5 groups of 6 athletes so I ASSUME and this is not official there will now be 5 groups of 5 athletes.
  • The contest will take place over 4 days, this is much shorter than normal
  • There will still be qualifiers and they will take place over 3 days. There were some rumors that the qualifies would go away with an  all new format but that seems to not be true.
  • The Finals will be 1 day instead of 2 in previous years and it seems there is no break between the qualifiers and finals! That is I feel the biggest news as that would be four days straight of competing.
  • All athletes that have earned invites via Giants Live WILL be invited.
  • The exact locations of events are not known yet but they will be in Manatee county and beaches are prefered locations.  Once the locations are secured the events can be finalized and they are NOT known yet.


So what does this mean?  They REALLY want fans to come to the event so with less days maybe it is being set up to be more fan friendly? I do not have any word on tickets but in the past attending Worlds Strongest Man has been free.


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