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Official Strongman Games 2019 Preview

270 athletes competing 21 countries being represented 8 world titles being awarded and 3 invites to giant lives up for grabs the 2018 Official Strongman Games is taking place this weekend December 7-9 in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Dorton Arena.

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Last year was an amazing event put on by Train Strongman and official Strongman and this year looks to only build on that. The events are brutal with 4 of the 6 events being medleys there are no drag races here!

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Schedule of events

All times are EST


– 4:00pm – 7:30pm Deadlift Ladder


– 10:00am – 11:00am Sandbag Throw

– 1:00pm – 3:15pm Overhead Medley
– 3:45pm – 7:30pm Wheelbarrow Loading Race

Sunday: Top 10 from each category

– 11:00am – 12:00pm Yoke + Sandbag Carry

– 2:00pm – 4:15pm Atlas Stones

Running order for all events is the same:
– Women’s Under 64kg
– Women’s Masters
– Women’s Under 82kg
– Women’s Open (World’s Strongest Woman)
– Men’s Under 80kg
– Men’s Under 90kg
– Men’s Under 105kg
– Men’s Masters
– Men’s Open

Catch all the action as well as our exclusive library of video content from all the top strongmen and women over on our website: www.officialstrongman.com



Day 1 starts with a deadlift ladder which will be a challenge to complete for most competitors while a few will make it look like speed work

Day 2 will be a sandbag over bar throw featuring 4 Cerberus bags increasing in weight over a 13′ bar for women and a 15′ bar for men.

Followed by an overhead medley consisting of a log, axle, coccus dumbbell and keg

Ending in a wheelbarrow race where athletes will have to load a keg, husafell stone and sandbag into a wheelbarrow and carry it for time.

After day 2 only the top 10 athletes will advance for the remaining two events which are a yoke carry for 50ft and then a sandbag carried 50ft and loaded over the same yoke the last event will be the ever iconic atlas stone series with this one featuring 6 stones not the usual 6!

For compitare and full event details go to http://strongman.games/official-strongman-games-worlds-strongest-competition/

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