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This training template  is based on my 35 plus years of experience seeking information wherever I could find it and testing and applying it on myself and personally coaching athletes of all different sports. I know not everyone can afford to have a personal coach and this template is my attempt to help as many athletes improve their strongman game as possible at an affordable price.

The philosophy behind the approach of this template is that strength in one area begets strength in similar areas, and that the human body only has a finite amount of resources to deal with, adapt to, and become stronger from strength training. With this in mind, we can follow a 3 week rotation working in all the basics lifts and events in a way that they build on one another, without resulting in overtraining and the overuse injuries that can occur when an athlete tries to work everything at once. This philosophy has worked well with strongmen of all ages, allowing them to achieve lifetime bests in all lifts without leaving them always feeling beaten down. Train hard, be realistic, and have faith in your ability to do well on this program and you will be on your way to PR city!

Train harder AND smarter,

Mike Westerling

 Program structure

3 day a week program following an upper body / lower body / events day format.

Equipment Needed

  • Barbell and weights
  • Dumbbells
  • Basic strength gym equipment
  • Log
  • Farmers Walk
  • Sandbags
  • Kegs
  • Axle
  • Circus Dumbbell
  • Yoke