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Giants Live is Back in America This Weekend

This Saturday on July 29th Giants Live the World’s Strongest Man qualifying tour is back on Main Street in Martsinville, Indiana. Watch some of the strongest men from 4+ countries compete in 5 events with the top 3 qualifying for the 2018 Worlds Strongest Man.

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Nick Best from Las Vegas, Nevada won last year and was the winner of his heat at Worlds Strongest Man keeping Terry Hollands out of the finals. Can Nick win again? Will Hollands get the best in the rematch? Will one of the up and coming athletes like Maxime Boudreault, Rob Kearney, Nick Hadge and more surprise everyone and surpass the veterans?


  • Nick Best  – USA
  • Terry Hollands – Great Britain
  • Iron Bibby – Canada
  • Mark Steele – Great Britain
  • Robert Kearney – United States
  • Casey Garrison – United States
  • Maxime Boudreault – Canada
  • Nick Hadge – United States
  • Adam Derks – United States
  • Ken Nowicki – Scotland
  • Brian Clark – United States
  • Dave Daly – United States


Yoke Walk

900lbs for 60ft

Press Medley 

  • Thomas Inch DB 172lbs
  • Block 230lbs
  • Apollon’s Axle 362lbs
  • Slater Log 375lbs


765lbs for reps


350lb farmers for 30′ into 800lb chain drag for 30′

Stone Series 

  • 275lbs 66″
  • 325lbs 60″
  • 355lbs 54″
  • 380lbs 48″
  • 410lbs 42″

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