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The 20th Anniversary of World’s Strongest Woman: 20 Years Of Progress

By Jessica Fithen In 2001, history was made when the International Federation of Strength Athletes crowned Jill Mills as the very first World’s Strongest Woman champion in Zambia, Africa, paving the way for generations of future strongwoman athletes.   While the Scottish Highland Games are often referred to as the first “strongman” contests, World’s Strongest …

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By Gina Melnik “I’m not strong enough. I won’t be competitive.” We have all heard this before. So many times I’ve talked to people that really wanted to do a certain show and then decided not to because they think they “aren’t strong enough.” Something about it scares them and it feels safer to just …


Strongest Woman In The World 2017 Preview

On September 15th & 16th the top Pro Strongwoman in the world will be competing at the Olympia in three different weight classes with 5 taxing events for 15,000 in prize money, the title of Strongest Woman In The World and to qualify for the Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2018.

Strong Talk Podcast 90: Caitlin Yuhas

This weeks guest Caitlin Yuhas is a Pro Strongwoman in the Lightweight and Middleweight category. Caitlin won the Lightweight Arnold Amateur World Championships and United States Strongwoman Nationals in the Middleweight category.