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Strongest Woman In The World 2017 Preview

On September 15th & 16th the top Pro Strongwoman in the world will be competing at the Olympia in three different weight classes with 5 taxing events for 15,000 in prize money, the title of Strongest Woman In The World and to qualify for the Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2018.

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Hosted by Strongman Corporation in its second year The Strongest Woman In The World features some stacked line ups in each class and 5 events that are a bit out of the normal variety. We have the usual log press for reps but most likely the heaviest we have seen with 200 for reps in the open class.

Event 2 the fatback farmers is a new twist. Not only will athletes have to carry 240lbs per hand in the farmers walk in the open class but perform 8 deadlifts as well!  The remaining events are all very back and grip specific with a heavy keg load for reps, a arm over arm pull all topped off with an axle deadlift of 325/375/425 for reps.
It will take a very strong and resilient back to be crowned Strongest Woman In The World.





Britteny Cornelius HWW IN USA
Kristin Danielson Rhodes HWW CA USA
Mollie Hoss (Adams) HWW IL USA
Julie Rader HWW AR USA
Brooke Sousa HWW OH USA
Andrea Thompson HWW Suffolk UK
Laura Guy HWW St.Leonards on Sea UK
Ольга Лящук HWW Ukraine (Olga)
Lidia Gynko HWW . Ukraine


Bartos Log Clean and Press




Fatback Farmers – 60 second time limit – Athlete must carry farmer’s walk implement 30 feet and perform 4 deadlift reps with the farmer’s implement, then carry 30 more feet to the finish line and perform 4 more deadlift reps for time. The athlete will be given a down call on the deadlift.




Bartos Keg Over Bar




Arm over Arm Pull TBD




Axle Deadlift for reps from floor. Straps allowed





More information on the Facebook Event Page

Featured Image from Strongman Corporation


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