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Watch: Making the Jon Pall Sigmarsson log

Watch Richard Looney of Monster-strong Gym Equipment craft the tribute log for Jon pall Sigmarsson.

Northern Warrior’s Guide to Pandemic Gains

By Tyler Desplenter  During these pandemic times, one of the first questions running through your meathead brain is: how am I going to get a pump with all the gyms closing their doors? I know this because I have had many local strength athletes contact me about training at my private facility. Many of the …

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How To Simulate a Front Bar Car Deadlift

With United States Strongman Nationals having a front bar car deadlift you may be wondering how to simulate the event. This video will show you how.

How To Make A Duck Walk / Power Stairs Implement

There is a lot of Strongman equipment you can make with minimal tools and a trip to your local hardware store here I show how to make a duck walk / power stairs implement with threaded pipe.

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